April 21, 2022

Torres Strait Islanders and Clothing The Gaps team up to call for climate action for the Torres Strait

On Friday April 22nd, Torres Strait Islanders are teaming up with Aboriginal social enterprise and streetwear label Clothing The Gaps up to launch a new collaboration, “Island Luv”, calling on politicians to take action to protect the Torres Strait from climate change.

Clothing the Gaps will be launching a new tank, “Island Luv,” which has been designed to raise awareness about the Torres Strait Islander-led Our Islands, Our Home campaign, and elevate the stories of climate change in the Torres Strait. 100% of the profits will be donated to Our Islands, Our Home. 

The launch event will include a photo shoot at the Clothing the Gaps store with representatives of the Our Islands, Our Home campaign.

  • When: Friday April 22nd at 1.00pm
  • Where: Clothing the Gaps, 733 Sydney Road, Brunswick 
  • What: Photo shoot launching the new Island Luv tank, a collaboration between Clothing the Gaps and Our Islands Our Home
  • If unable to attend, HD photos can be sent following the photo shoot – please contact lucy@350.org.au

According to Kabay Tamu, Torres Strait 8 claimant and Warraberalgal Traditional Owner, writing on the Clothing the Gaps blog, “We want our kids to be able to practise their traditions and their culture without the impact of climate change hanging over their shoulders. Our children deserve to always have a place to call home for generations to come. Australia has one of the world’s worst track records for climate inaction and it is currently violating its legal obligation to Torres Strait people, and this is why I am calling for the Australian Government to take climate change seriously and immediately reduce their carbon emissions.” 

According to Our Islands Our Home organiser and Kulkalgal woman Tishiko King, “the Morrison government’s lack of action in reducing their emissions and shifting to renewable solutions will impact the futures of Torres Strait Island people, where they continue to miss opportunities to safeguard our culture and island communities. It’s time for our so-called leaders to make ambitious commitments. As a proud Kulkalgal woman, from the island of Masig, it is my cultural responsibility to ensure my families can stay on their island homes and protect country and culture.”

According to Clothing the Gaps Founder and CEO Laura Thompson (Gunditjmara), “We all have a responsibility to care for Country and raise awareness about the impact of climate change on people’s lives and homes in the Torres Strait – it is the least we can do.” 

Media contact: Lucy Manne, lucy@350.org.au 0417 387 516



Torres Strait Islanders are on the frontline of the climate crisis, and urgent action is needed to ensure they can remain on their Islands. Rising sea levels, king tides, erosion, inundation and coral bleaching are threatening the homes and cultures of Torres Strait Islander people, while the Australian Government refuses to address the climate crisis. 

Our Islands Our Home is a campaign led by Torres Strait Islanders to protect their island homes.  

As part of this, eight claimants from Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait Islands) also known as the #TorresStrait8 have brought a human rights complaint against the Australian Federal Government to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations over the Government’s inaction on climate change.

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